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  • Hand Stiched 4pc cricket balls
  • Six rows of Stitching are more prominent and stays longer on the ball
  • Special tanning process with premium raw material that makes ball soft on bats and hands
  • Six rows of stitching retains the shape and not losing the hardness
  • Pronounced and harder seam helps to swing in any atmospheric and pitch conditions.
  • Durable Alum tanned leather to generate swing and reverse swing later
  • Every component of the ball is bought together with decades of experience and feedback
  • Seam stays stronger for closer to 30 overs
  • Facilitates best seaming and swing for pace bowlers and seamers.
  • 156gms
  • Box of 6

SNICK CLUB Cricket balls ( 20-25 overs) - Box of 6

SKU: CW2856
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