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This kit contains assorted brands of high quality as per availability.

We guarentee you that you get the BEST quality assembled together to make a superb kit for playing.

This Kit contians high qualiity lightest English Willow bat. 

GM bats are made in England



High Quality brand bat  - 1pc  DSC , GM size 5, GM Size 6

Kit bag - 1pc that fits all gear for an individual

Helmet - Small from SS

Thigh Guard Combo from Adidas - Boys Size

Arm Guard from Adidas -Boys Size

Abdo Guard from Adidas - Boys Size

Batting gloves - Boys Size

Ultralite Adidas batting pads - These are extremely light pads below 2lbs and high demand batting pads with agility while playing. -Boys Size and Youth sizes available


We will combine reputed brands into ONE package to fit all your needs with great quality and low prices when bought together.

Please note that pictures shown for gloves and bat might vary based on availability but you get the BEST

Premium English Willow Cricket Full Kit with Helmet - Sizes 5 & 6

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