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  • Cricket Trackpants

    Experience the ultimate comfort and style on the cricket field with the moonwalkr Cricket Trackpants. Featuring an ergonomic design, lightweight and breathable fabric, ventilation points, gusset styling, no-mark waistband, and side pockets, these track pants are the perfect addition to any cricketer's wardrobe.


    Cricket Clothing Engineered For Performance:

    Ergonomic Design for Better Fit

    The track pants are designed to fit perfectly on your body, with a no-mark waistband that ensures ultimate comfort during the game. The ergonomic design allows for better mobility and flexibility so that you can move with ease and agility.


    Lightweight, Breathable, Super Stretch Material

    The track pants are made from a lightweight, breathable, and super stretchy material that ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. The fabric is also sweat-wicking, which means that it keeps you dry and cool even during intense cricket matches.


    Ventilation Points for Heat Zone

    The track pants feature ventilation points in all the right places to provide heat relief and increase breathability. This ensures you remain cool and comfortable even during hot and humid weather conditions.


    Gusset Styling on Inside Panel for Better Mobility

    The inside panel of the track pants features gusset styling, which ensures better mobility and flexibility. This design feature allows you to move freely and easily without any restrictions, so you can focus on your game and give your best performance.


    No Mark Waistband for Comfort

    The track pants have a no-mark waistband that ensures ultimate comfort and prevents any discomfort during the game. This feature ensures that the track pants fit snugly and securely on your waist without leaving any marks or causing any irritation.


    Side Pockets for Utility

    The track pants feature side pockets that provide ample space for storing your essentials, such as your phone, wallet, or keys. This feature lets you keep your hands free and focus on your game without worrying about carrying additional items.


    moonwalkr Cricket Trackpants are the ultimate cricketing accessory that offers unparalleled comfort and performance. Get your hands on these track pants today and elevate your game to the next level!

MOONWALKR Cricket Trouser (2024)

Color: white
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