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  • We've developed a range of cricket stumps that will improve coaching and training sessions for coaches and players around the world. The Spring Stumps are no different – they've been designed to make cricket training better.

    The Spring Stumps consist of three cricket stumps mounted on to a spring loaded base. Securely set in place, when hit they will bounce back but immediately return to their original position. The stumps are durable and long lasting, perfect for season after season of training. They come supplied with two bails, giving that match like feel in practice.

    Gray-Nicolls Spring Stumps are brilliantly convenient, easy to transport to matches or different training grounds. They will work perfectly regardless of the surface, whether a grass wicket, artificial net, or indoor school.

    Available in 28in length – full sized adult stumps – the Spring Stumps are a fantastic option for coaches and clubs looking for a brilliant training option.


  • Three stumps mounted on a spring loaded base
  • Convenient and portable training solution
  • Complete with bails for match like feel
  • Spring loaded cricket stumps with automatic replacement feature
  • Sturdy cast iron base
  • Includes Bails with string

Gray Nicolls SPRING Returns Cricket Stumps

SKU: GN156
Expected by August
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