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  • NJ- 8000 is a part of the fiber bats series which is made from fiber composite. It's jet black exterior adds grace and class to the product. Also, its durable comfy handle ensures a firm grip with no chances of slipping off the product from the hands of batsmen while he is performing. This bat is specifically designed to tackle bowling being done by using tape balls. So it is designed based on the field challenges a batsman has to endure. Moreover, it ensures easy and convenient pick up of the product. It possesses a 55mm sweet spot so this feature affirms defense of the bottom part as well. Also, it is a pocket friendly product.
  • Made from fiber composite 
  • Possesses jet black exterior 
  • Durable rubber grip 
  • Can tackle bowling of tape balls 
  • Can be picked up easily 
  • 55mm sweet spot 
  • Pocket-friendly product 

CA NJ 8000 bat

SKU: KW028
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